As part of the Qualion Group, Qualion Brokerage is an independent insurance broker under the supervision of the Luxembourg Insurance Commission. We are specialised in international life insurance solutions for private and corporate purposes.

The follow-up of your insurance contracts is an integral part of our holistic approach to wealth management and our provision of services. Our activity is characterised by longstanding expertise, the analysis of your specific situation and our cooperation with the most renowned insurance companies both in Belgium and in Luxembourg.

“We take a long-term view and set goals on the basis of your personal situation.”

Why take out life insurance?

A life insurance policy is an essential tool for financial planning, fiscal optimisation and risk management.

The flexibility of the beneficiary clause, which can be changed during the lifetime of the policyholders, is a significant advantage in the development of your wealth management strategy.

The fiscal efficiency of life insurance contributes to maximising the return on investment of your portfolio in the medium term. The transferability of a life insurance policy makes it possible to bring the contract in line with the legal and tax regulations of your new country of residence.

In Luxembourg, life insurance policyholders benefit from a unique system of protection – the so-called insurance triangle – guaranteeing the protection of assets in case the insurance company or the depository bank defaults.

Our mission

Our mission is diverse:

  • Manage the ever-increasing regulatory risks
  • Provide you with impartial advice on the choice of an insurance company and the structuring of a customised contract
  • Monitor the implementation of the jointly agreed strategy
  • Regularly ensure that your contract is in line with your needs